It’s been a year since I discovered CALM, the amazing meditation app that’s guided me on many journeys that have eased my body, mind and soul. I know it sounds corny, but it’s true. For the last 370 days, CALM has led me through at least one – but usually many more – meditation sessions. I choose the topic – inner peace and sleep (two of my favorites), creativity, confidence, lovingkindness, energy, motivation, etc. Then I decide how long I want the session to be – usually 10 minutes, sometimes more and occasionally less. Two minute or five minute sessions really give me a boost when I’m at work and feel my energy level drooping.

Although CALM has made my days more peaceful and productive – and by the way, I highly recommend an Emergency CALM session to get you through the really stressful moments – it has absolutely transformed my nights. While I usually have little trouble falling asleep, I often wake up during the night. Sometimes I’m able to get back to sleep pretty quickly, but other times, my mind starts whirring – hashing and rehashing things that happened during the day; ruminating about things that haven’t happened yet – and probably never will – but in those eerie night-time hours, anything seems possible. That’s when I lean over, grab my iPhone, and rely on CALM to help me focus on my breathing instead of my thoughts. Before I know it, I’m feeling relaxed and then…I’m off to dreamland. Now, that’s a gift.


Every now and then, the memory of a frightening experience I had when I was 12 or 13 returns to haunt me. I was on a hiking trip along some mountain trails with a group of girls around my age. Although everyone knew I was afraid of heights, somehow my adventurous and always reassuring friend Candy had talked me into going. Her best friend Marti didn’t look too happy when I showed up but I wasn’t surprised, since Marti had always made it clear she couldn’t stand me. All day, Marti kept her eye on me and I knew why – she didn’t want me homing in on her status as “best friend.”

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Cathy M. is beautiful and sexy and yes – though it’s hard to believe – like Lydia Birnbaum, she’s a “woman of a certain age.” Strong and independent, she lives in Bucks County and thinks nothing of hopping on this tractor when she needs to get a job done. Cathy’s plan was to read a couple of chapters of PROJECT EX before she tackled cleaning up her twelve-acre property. “But once I started reading,” she told me, “I just couldn’t stop!”

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I couldn’t stop laughing when I found my neighbor Judy and her beloved dog Lucy curled up on a cozy chair in our lobby, totally absorbed in PROJECT EX. Was it possible Judy had sprayed the cover with “Eau de Ralston Purina?” It seemed more likely that -- like any beloved “furever” friend – Lucy was simply taking advantage of a perfect opportunity to snuggle. Whatever the reality or the reason, I love finding PROJECT EX fans, furry or otherwise!


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When I began writing this blog, I promised to take you along on my self-publishing journey.  Well, over the last few months, I’ve been so absorbed in the journey –which has been longer, bumpier, and definitely more challenging than I’d anticipated—that I haven’t had much time to stop along the way to fill you in on the process. However, the good news is… PROJECT EX is almost ready for publication!

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