A Revelation

I feel certain that PROJECT EX never would have come to fruition without the support of other writers, friends and colleagues who offered their insight, wisdom and encouragement right from the beginning.  I had no idea the thoughts and ideas I shared at a writers’ group at a local (now defunct) bookstore would morph into a 90,000 word novel.  I just knew I had a story to tell and as I shared that story with other people, they seemed intrigued and kept encouraging me to keep on writing.  “What happens next?” they often asked me.  “Beats me,” was my usual answer, “but I’ll let you know next week.”  It never occurred to me to write an outline – that came later, much later.  

After a couple of months, the writing group at the bookstore fizzled out but fortunately a small group of women writers continued to meet on a regular basis.  Over time, the group became a trio – myself, a poet, and another aspiring novelist.  It was these two incredibly wise and talented women who encouraged me month after month, year after year, draft after draft, to keep on writing.  But even more importantly, they helped me to believe that I could finish PROJECT EX, and that, when I did, it would be a novel worth reading.  A novel worth publishing.  

It was a revelation.