Making Progress

Over the last month, I’ve devoted most of the time I usually reserve for writing to learning more about self-publishing.  I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again – there’s a lot to learn!  However, I’m definitely making progress.  I found an amazing designer on DesignCrowd who created a cover I love.  It’s eye-catching, colorful and whimsical and I feel like it pulls you right into psychotherapist Lydia Birnbaum’s world.  The designer, Paulo Duelli (from Argentina, no less!) seemed to understand what I was looking for right from the beginning.  Although in his first rendition, he made Lydia look too young and too thin – she may be in great shape, but she’s 50, not 30, and she’s always struggling to lose those last 10 pounds –he cheerfully accepted my feedback.  After a couple of weeks of revisions, there she was – Lydia Birnbaum, the relationship guru who sleeps alone every night, seated at her desk, waiting for her next client, an “emergency” piece of chocolate cake close at hand.  Yes, as readers will discover right away, although Lydia is a great therapist, she has some demons of her own, and emotional eating is only one of them. 

Next step – making the big decision – which self-publishing route to choose. If you have any wisdom to share, please let me know!