Beginnings and Endings in Cape May

My husband took this photo last week when we were in Cape May, one of our favorite spots at the Jersey shore.  I ‘d slipped away early one morning from the house we were sharing for the week with my older son and his family  to capture a few private, early-morning moments on the beach. Although we’ve been spending summer vacations in Cape May for some time now, I couldn’t help but feel the irony of ending this particular summer in the very spot where Project Ex ends too. As I stared at the shimmering ocean and snuggled my toes deeper and deeper into the velvety sand, the realization struck me that when I returned home, a new chapter in my life – a whole new book, actually! – was about to begin. Right before we’d left for Cape May, I’d signed off on the proof of the interior of Project Ex and had submitted the artwork for the cover. I knew that the final proof of the entire book – cover to cover – was being mailed out and would most likely be waiting for me when I got home.

At that solitary moment – just me and my thoughts and the sand and the seagulls and the ocean –I felt a cavalcade of emotions – fear (Oy – was I really publishing a novel?); anxiety (Oy – I really was publishing a novel!); joy (I did it!), and so much more. But it was the feeling of possibility that was most compelling of all.