When the realization that she’s lived over half a century lights a fire under Lydia Birnbaum’s rapidly aging but still shapely tush, she decides it’s time to take a new approach to dating –one drawn from her training as a psychotherapist.  Determined to avoid the romantic mistakes she’s made in the past, she launches an intriguing research project on Facebook.  When “Project Ex” (as in “ex-boyfriends”) unexpectedly turns Lydia into Philadelphia’s radio relationship-guru sensation, she attracts the attention of Jared Abrams, a jaded food-critic-turned-investigative reporter who assumes a fake identity as a new therapy client in an effort to unmask her as a fraud. 

Overwhelmed by the pressures of her new career and alternately engaged and enraged by her enigmatic new client, Lydia embarks on an impromptu Caribbean cruise.  Though she’s quickly swept into a sizzling shipboard romance with a new love interest, Lydia soon discovers it’s going to take more than a cruise to get her away from Jared and the specter of her past relationship fiascos.  Her real journey is about to begin – a journey that will take her far beyond the empirical findings of Project Ex, far beyond her past and into her own heart, where she’ll find what she’s been looking for all along….