I feel compelled to let you know there may be risks associated with reading PROJECT EX.  What I’m hearing from readers is that it’s a real page turner. Although this doesn’t sound like cause for alarm, some people have found themselves in harrowing situations at work, at home, and in social settings because they just can’t put it down! 

My hairdresser, Georgia Ward, is a case in point. Today, after she put the color on my hair, she decided to read “a few pages” of PROJECT EX. I had to practically beg her when it came time to rinse out the color and cut my hair. Then, when she almost fried my left ear, I discovered – as evidenced by this photo -- she’d developed a new literary drying technique! Of course, I couldn’t get annoyed with her because after all, as Georgia pointed out, it was totally my fault she couldn’t stop laughing or stop reading!  I had to admit she had a point….

Friends, family and fans are reporting new PROJECT EX sightings every day. If you’ve experienced this phenomenon, please let me know and email your photos to me so I can share them here.

And, although I’m glad to hear that Lydia Birnbaum’s madcap adventures are capturing people’s attention – and their hearts, I hope! – please be careful! If things get too out of hand, I’ll have to add a warning label to the front cover but I’d hate to go that far!