“Loved that shout-out for your novel in Main Line Today,” one of my Zumba friends said when I arrived at class last week.

I just stared at her. “Shout-out?” I asked. “Project Ex was mentioned in Main Line Today?”

“Not just mentioned,” she replied. “It was selected as a ‘must read’ in the December issue. Didn’t you see it?”

I shook my head. “I guess the author’s always the last to know,” I said, and then I hugged her. Somehow I made it through class but I couldn’t wait to get to Starbucks so I could log on to the Main Line Today website. And sure enough – there it was – Project Ex, one of two new books selected as a “Staff Pick” in December:

Narberth-based social worker Helen Reese’s first novel centers around a psychotherapist who also happens to be a relationship guru—even though she’s single. Her midlife jaunt through past relationships is our page-turning guilty obsession this holiday season. 

Huge thanks to Lisa Dukart and the editorial staff at Main Line Today, the newest page-turning members of the ever-growing Project Ex fan club! The support and encouragement I’ve received from local publications, bookstores and businesses mean the world to me.